It is important to stretch after exercise as it will help your muscles recover much more quickly from physical effort. In addition, you will help the lactic acid to be reabsorbed more quickly, thus limiting the possibility of soreness that will hinder subsequent workouts. These are just some of the benefits of stretching after playing sports.

Steps to follow:

  1. Stretching after exercise is important, as stretching helps to remove tension from the muscles that have been stressed. By getting your muscles to relax earlier, you will reduce the possibility of overloads and injuries. Not only will your body benefit in this sense, since stretching will also help you relax mentally after having done intense sports.
  2. By stretching after exercising, you will also be accelerating the reabsorption process of lactic acid, which is the cause of the dreaded soreness. This means that doing your stretching routine after practicing physical activity will reduce the possibility of stiffness, one of the main factors in avoiding stiffness. If they have already come out, do not worry,
  3. If you practice sports to gain muscle volume, it is important that you know that stretching after exercising will help you in your goal of growing your muscles, since the activities that are carried out to stretch stimulate the development of muscles, so now you have one more reason to do them.
  4. If you frequently suffer from cramps, you should never forget your post exercise stretching routine. These cramps occur due to lack of minerals with magnesium in muscle tissue. By stretching after doing physical activity, you will help the minerals reach the interior of the muscle in greater amounts.
  5. Each stretching exercise after playing sports should be held for at least 20 seconds, so that it can be performed effectively. However, if you notice excessive pain, stop stretching the muscle group you are working on and continue with another part of the body. It is recommended that you spend at least 5 minutes stretching after each workout.


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