There is no doubt that London is one of the best cities in the world for jogging, it is a city with a lot of green areas: Regent’s park, Hyde park, St. James park, Victoria park, Battersea park, etc.

Any of these parks is a good place to stretch your legs a little or to take a walk. The running route that I propose is quite classic and is to cross Hyde park in the middle, at the height of Lancaster Gate and reach Hyde park Corner and cross all of St James park, the return route is the same but on the other side of London park.

Steps to follow:

  1. The route is very pleasant both because of the low density of people in the park thanks to how huge it is like the terrain, cement. During the tour, you can find numerous squirrels playing in the park as a running partner, there are also quite a few people on bicycles or walking quietly.
  2. The most dangerous area is when you cross the Park lane to go to St. James Park. There, passing in front of Buckingham Palace is a must, then continue along one of the most beautiful walks “The Mall” from there until you reach the end of St James Park to return practically the same way.
  3. You can practice all year this route jogging London but you do ingrown warm in winter also note the high humidity of the British capital.
  4. The surface when running through this area is made of cement, although there is some dirt area and you can always go through the park lawn, but be careful running on the London lawn as it is very slippery.
  5. The best time to run through this park is at noon, both for the time and for the least amount of people.


  • Running through Hyde park is very safe, the only thing you have to watch out for is slipping.


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