The Zumba is a form of fitness born in the late 90s in Colombia and, after sweeping the United States, has come strongly to the Spanish gyms, where more and more people who join these classes.

The great attraction of Zumba and its distinctive note is the music with which it works, a mixture of the liveliest Latin American rhythms, which makes gymnastics gain a playful and festive component.

Steps to follow:

  1. The word Zumba derives from rumba, the term used to call the party in Colombia, the country from which this fitness modality comes.
  2. The creator of the Zumba Abertay Pérez, alias ‘Beta’, who gave aerobics classes in a gym in Cali when one day he forgot the music CDs and put the ones he had in his car, representative of the most moved Latin rhythms: samba, salsa, meringue…
  3. Given the success, he devised this new fitness modality called Zumba that brings together the benefits of the physical activities of dance and aerobics. Thanks to this combination, people who practice Zumba gain flexibility and balance.
  4. The high playful component of Zumba makes it very suitable for people who want to lose weight but who find it more difficult to start practicing physical activity.


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