The Body Pump is a form of training that was born in New Zealand more than twenty years ago and is now practiced almost all over the world. Its originality consists in that it combines aerobic exercises with those of a weight training room.


The Body Pump owes its origin, in 1991, to Phillip Mills, who created this new form of training in the New Zealand town of Auckland. The Les Mills International society has been responsible for the Body Pump being practiced today in a total of eighty countries and 14,000 gyms.


The originality of the Body Pump lies in the fact that the training takes advantage of the benefits of aerobic exercises with those derived from work in the weight rooms. Thus, fitness is practiced with bars or discs that reinforce resistance. Another very important aspect of the Body Pump is that it is practiced in a group and in a playful environment. The choreography of the exercise program is typical of Les Mills International, with the aim of making it homogeneous in the thousands of sports centers where it is practiced.

Development in 10 tracks

Body Pump program lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. It is distributed in ten parts, called tracks, in which certain muscle groups are worked, covering most of the body:

  • It begins with a warm-up of the whole body and with a bar as a resistance, although with the minimum load.
  • Follow the class with squats, so that the lower body is exercised, specifically, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. The resistance bar is located under the neck with maximum load.
  • Push-ups are done, working the chest muscles. The bar load is 150% higher than in heating.
  • To work the back, weight lifts are done, load between tracks1 and 2, above the head.
  • With a light load, close to the minimum, the triceps are worked.
  • Exercises are performed for the biceps.
  • The glutes are exercised, basically, with a load similar to track3.
  • In this section the shoulders are reinforced, with little load.
  • If I weigh, the abs are worked.
  • Finally, stretches are performed, without load.


The Body Pump, by combining aerobic exercises and those of the bodybuilding room, achieves a very important caloric expenditure, a slimmer figure, toning and reduction of body fat. In addition, due to its design, it is a very accessible exercise program for all profiles, although the load on the bar will depend on each user.


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