The buzz has already become one of the favorites all athletes who want to combine exercise with fun practices. This fitness modality, created by Alberto Perez, uses various Latin American rhythms to make the skeleton move without stopping: in a hectic session you can lose up to 1,500 calories. We recommend the best music for Zumba.

Steps to follow:

  1. To know what is the best music to dance Zumba we must take into account salsa, a musical genre that also has several sub-styles and that uses the rhythmic pattern of Cuban sounds with jazz influences. It is perfect if we are looking for a more relaxed Zumba practice.
  2. The merengue: it is a dance from the Dominican Republic inspired by Africa. The drum and the guano are its most characteristic instruments and Juan Luis Guerra one of its greatest exponents. So, if you opt for this type of music to make Zumba, “La bilirubin”, “Hopefully it rains”, and “I live in love” cannot be missing in your repertoire.
  3. The cumbia: this music is becoming better known thanks to its catchy rhythms. It comes from Colombia and Panama and it is really curious because, while its dances have a great indigenous footprint, the rhythm is African and its melodies are Spanish. It is also usually somewhat calmer.
  4. The reggaeton: if what you want is to lose weight with Zumba practice, this is your music. It has its origins in the music of the Caribbean and Latin America and will make you sweat your shirt. Its rhythms are much faster than those previously mentioned.
  5. Shakira is one of the great representatives of reggaetón, some of her best-known songs with the greatest worldwide repercussion have great influences from this type of music, such as “Local”, “Rabies” or “Lobe”.
  6. The samba: This is the quintessential Brazilian music. Dancing samba requires a good rhythm and a powerful cardiovascular system, since it requires many movements and very fast. The hips and buttocks are greatly benefited when practicing Zumba with these types of rhythms, since they move a lot and, therefore, become stronger.


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