The aerobic or cardiovascular activities are those that require oxygen and used fat as main source of fuel, compared to sugar, so they are very suitable for people who wish to lose weight.

They must be practiced for at least half an hour to take effect and have countless benefits: they help lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation, and lower blood pressure and glucose levels, among many others.

Steps to follow:

  1. The Zumba is a modern every win more follower’s aerobic activity. The playful component and the amount of energy we expend while practicing it makes it almost addictive. The good news is that it is a very healthy addiction. Its origin is in Colombia and incorporates the most moved musical genres.
  2. The spinning is another aerobic activity in which burns a lot of fat, though perhaps not as playful as hums. We need a lot of power and endurance to practice it;
  3. As the name suggests, aerobics is an aerobic activity with enormous cardiovascular benefits. The fact that it is practiced with music adds positive elements such as that it improves our sense of rhythm, flexibility and orientation. More and more men are joining this exercise that was initially practiced only by women.
  4. The Body Pump is an aerobic activity that has the particularity that it is practiced in certain gyms and that it has very specific steps to follow.
  5. For people who like to practice sports in the water, aqua fitness is a highly recommended and entertaining aerobic activity.
  6. The cross – country skiing, swimming and tennis are also aerobic activities, which burns a lot of fat. Taking long walks and jogging for a long time at a leisurely pace also has all the benefits of cardiovascular activities.


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