Sure, you have heard a lot about the elliptical but is it really effective for burning calories? The definitive answer is yes! In fact, it is one of the best options to work large muscle groups and perform a good cardiovascular training without impact on the joints. The latter is the reason why many people with joint problems, recent injuries or who prefer to alternate cardio activities end up opting for this machine.

Steps to follow:

  • One of the great attractions of the elliptical is that it puts the lower body, arms and trunk into action, offering a very complete workout with which we can get completely in motion. The elliptical allows us to gradually tone the muscles of the body without the risk of developing a lot of volume in just one area.
  • Thus, it is an alternative idea for those who seek to lose weight, gain muscle tone and train holistically. Because it allows us to work both the upper and lower body, one of the most outstanding benefits of the elliptical is the large consumption of calories it reports. It is an excellent option to lose weight and help us gain endurance, allowing both a moderate pace and a more intense one for those who prefer high intensity interval training, the ideal solution to lose fat. Of course, if we want to achieve a good result it is important:
  • Maintaining a good rate of activity, going very slow will help you warm up but it will not burn a lot of calories.
  • Choose a good intensity, you should be able to do the activity but with some effort. Only then will you be able to tone your muscles little by little.
  • To burn fat in addition to calories, you must use the elliptical for at least 30 continuous minutes, so you will achieve better results in weight loss.
  • Undoubtedly one of the indisputable benefits of the elliptical is the absence of impact on our joints when we use it. Due to the elliptical movement of this machine we can walk at a fast pace or even maintain the same intensity that we have when we run, but without the movement impacting sensitive areas such as the feet, ankles or knees.
  • This makes it a great alternative for anyone who wants to do cardiovascular activity without risk to their joints, but it is especially useful for:
  • People who have recently suffered an injury and are practicing physical activity again.
  • Those with physical limitations of any kind that do not allow impact activities.
  • Overweight people for whom running is not recommended.
  • hose looking for an effective and safe cardiovascular training.
  • As it is a cardiovascular activity, the use of the elliptical helps us improve the health of our heart, preventing heart disease and reducing the possibility of suffering from problems such as high.
  • Using the elliptical at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes benefits blood pumping and circulation, helping us to be much healthier.
  • As if that were not enough, we will also improve our posture if we work with the elliptical. This is because the back muscles are strengthened when we exercise with this machine, helping to improve problems in this area and also avoid slouching.

Of course, for this we must adopt the correct position when using this machine, that is, with a straight back, something that is not very difficult because its own operation leads us to it.

  • It is clear that there are several benefits of the elliptical, but in addition to those mentioned above, this machine also helps us to:
  • Tone the glutes, making this area work more than with the use of other cardiovascular machines such as the treadmill.
  • Work the quadriceps more which allows us to tone the thigh area The elliptical is a good option to get more toned and beautiful legs.
  • Due to the integral movement carried out and its impact on the bones, this machine helps to strengthen the bones, being a good option to prevent osteoporosis.


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