Nobody has any doubts that running is the sport in fashion. There are many reasons that explain its popularity: it is cheap to practice, it can be done almost anywhere, its freedom of schedules, etc. In addition, it has many positive effects on the physical and mental state, even if you practice it only a couple of times a week and at a low intensity level.

Steps to follow:

  1. We consider that the main benefit of running is that it reduces the risk of heart problems derived from a sedentary lifestyle. Going for a run will not cure a patient who has heart disease for other reasons, but it does reduce the chances that a healthy person will be at cardiovascular risk from being overweight and not exercising frequently. So, when you feel lazy, think that every time you go for a run you gain health.
  2. Even from a physical point of view, running improves the health of your muscles. This happens not only with the lower body since, despite popular belief, going for a run does not only involve legs and buttocks. The whole body, including the upper body, kicks in when you go out for a run, so the trunk, back and arms also benefit from this practice.
  3. Recent studies indicate that the impact favors bone regeneration, so running also contributes to improving the health of your bones. Of course, running is a high-impact activity and, especially if you are not used to doing sports, you should protect your joints if you are going to run frequently. Your mind will also be healthier if you jog so another of the benefits of running affects the mental aspect. Physically, when you exert yourself, more endorphins are generated, which automatically increases the feeling of well-being. In addition, a sport like going for a run has all the points to make you distract yourself for a few moments from your daily problems since you practice it outdoors and on many occasions in a natural environment.
  4. When you start jogging, you should start with outings in which you combine running and walking so that the body gets used to the activity. As the weeks go by, you will be able to run throughout your training and day by day you will be beating your own personal records. With this physical progression, your self-esteem will also grow and you will feel much more satisfied with yourself.
  5. The socializing power of running should not be underestimated either. Forget the lonely runner idea. As it is a sport that more and more people practice, events around this activity proliferate in which, among other things, you can find an excellent way to meet people with whom you have at least one point in common.


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