Jogging is considered the best aerobic sport for cardiovascular health and for burning calories. Many people jog 5 or 10 kilometers daily,

it motivates them to know that they have reached a new goal, they love to see themselves gaining more resistance, but they do not know for sure all the benefits that this discipline offers them. If you are an avid jogger or are thinking of encouraging yourself to speed up your walks, keep reading this article carefully so that you know what the benefits of jogging are.

Steps to follow:

  1. The first benefit of jogging is that it helps to improve the aerobic capacity of the body, which translates into an improvement in the respiratory system, allowing the body to receive more oxygen in the blood, in the brain and in the lungs, which, obviously, it increases the physical resistance of the person.
  2. Just as aerobic capacity plays a significant role in the functioning of the respiratory system, it does so in the cardiovascular system. When a person stimulates their aerobic capacity, they can also enjoy excellent circulation in their body, which allows them to transport vitamins, minerals and nutrients to the muscles, undoubtedly another of the benefits of jogging for the body.
  3. Another benefit of jogging stems from the previous step. And it is that when we enjoy good circulation, the muscles are strengthened because the blood allows them to increase their chemical production and makes them essential parts of the body to burn fat and sugar from the body. All this without counting that they will also consume more oxygen and improve their mobility considerably.
  4. But the benefits do not depend only on the improvement of the anachronistic capacity, since jogging also allows to improve the bone quality of the organism through the increase of the density of the bones. This is very important, especially for women, because it helps prevent osteoporosis and fractures.
  5. Also, another benefit of jogging is that by keeping the muscles strengthened, they become more flexible, to the point of allowing the person to perform better movements during the jog. When this happens, the muscles better absorb each new effort of the body to increase resistance and the joints respond better.
  6. Like all cardiovascular exercise, one of the benefits of jogging is that it is an excellent tool for losing weight through the burning of calories. Jogging is one of the sports, along with swimming, that makes the body work the most, which translates into greater caloric burn.
  7. In psychological matters, it should be mentioned that one of the benefits of jogging is that it allows the person to clear their mind, focus on the goal in the goal and, therefore, put aside the negative thoughts caused by depression, stress or anxiety. Jogging stimulates the production of serotonin, a wellness hormone that is as potent for your mood as any antidepressant.
  8. Finally, among the benefits of jogging, it should be mentioned that it is a totally free Unlike swimming or cycling, there is no investment to jog beyond good footwear. Asphalt is more than enough for a routine and is the most recommended, since cement is usually harder for the tread.


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