Water gymnastics, commonly known as aqua gym, is a gentle and easy way to do sports, which will help to keep you healthy, relax your mind and stylize your figure.

If you think that water exercises are only practical for the elderly and pregnant women, you still don’t know what the benefits of aqua gym are. In the following article we give you the keys that will help you open your eyes and understand that these aquatic classes are suitable for any age and that they will highly favor both your health and your physical condition. Discover all the positive things that water sport can give you in body and mind. Test it!

Steps to follow:

  1. There are multiple reasons why it is beneficial to practice aqua gym and all of them have something to do with the power of the water that guarantees you to exercise without impact. Remember, that being in the water, your weight is reduced between 80 and 90% so the body does not suffer and the risk of suffering some type of injury decreases considerably.
  2. The aqua gym is an ideal sport if you suffer back problems, joint pains, sclerosis suffer, you’re recovering from an injury or have any other ailment in extremities, usually legs.
  3. But you should know that water sports are not only good for improving your health, but also helps to maintain and stylize your line, which is why it is considered one of the best allies to shape your figure. Keep in mind that, being exercises without impact and by reducing your body weight, the muscles work with greater intensity by performing simple exercises, even if your body is not aware of it.
  4. If you want aqua gym to help improve your silhouette, you can work on toning your breasts and buttocks, fine-tune your size, back muscles and abs, or arms and shoulders. Be that as it may, this sport allows you to burn about 600 calories in just 30 minutes of sport, which is equivalent to what you could reduce by working an hour and a half on dry land.
  5. On the other hand, when performing aqua gym, the water movements act on the skin, applying a draining massage that helps to stimulate circulation, which helps to reduce fluid retention, as well as to eliminate cellulite. Still not convinced? Well there is much more. Aqua gym is a perfect sport for health since, in addition to strengthening the muscles, it helps you stimulate the cardiovascular rhythm, improves blood circulation and improves respiratory tone.
  6. But if there is something different from conventional terrestrial sport, it is because it is a non-traumatic exercise, that is, there is almost no risk of injury. This occurs thanks to the resistance of the water and the fluid movements, performed gently and without violent effort, that are carried out during the session.
  7. Another of the great benefits of aqua gym is its contribution to mental health. The relaxing effect of the water and the feeling of lightness that you feel after doing the exercises are pros for this water sport. Likewise, this sport, like many others, causes the secretion of endorphin or pleasure hormone, which contributes to that feeling of well-being after having made an effort. Body and soul, relaxation and pleasure, why not try it?
  8. On the other hand, aqua gym is a collective sport, which gives you the opportunity to socialize and have a pleasant and fun time. The desire to talk, laugh and the stimulating effect that working as a team produces are another great point to consider if you think about doing aquatic exercises.
  9. As we have already mentioned, this sport is ideal and suitable for all ages(from 7 years to 77, approximately). You can practice it whatever your physical condition, your age or even your weight. It is highly recommended for women in condition, as well as anyone who suffers from muscle ailments. And, in addition, it is not essential to know how to swim since it is always practiced on the side of the pool where you can play standing up.
  10. Buy yourself a comfortable swimsuit and jump into the practice of aqua gym, a healthy sport that will not only help you to be fit but also to free you from stress and worries by having a fun, pleasant and relaxing time while doing sports. What are you waiting to try it!


  • If you suffer from a specific problem or illness, always consult your doctor before engaging in any type of physical activity.


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