The high impact exercises, by definition, are those that force feet off the ground to perform. By nature, they are the ones that require the greatest strength, since when performing activities such as jumping or running, we can exert a force that triples the weight of our body. They are good for the reinforcement and even the regeneration of bones, since the impact that is generated helps to create bone mass, however, we must be well prepared to avoid injuries.


Jumping rope is one of the exercises that requires the most strength, since we lift ourselves off the ground with both feet at the same time and repeat the exercise repeatedly in short periods of time. It is not recommended for people with knee or joint problems.


In the practice of running, the impact may be less, depending on the speed at which we do it, and the fact that we take off one foot first and then the other considerably reduces the impact, and the choice of the right footwear can also decrease the risks.


Tennis is another of the high impact activities, although in any case the strength is lower than in the case of running or jumping rope. However, the fact that the impact occurs suddenly, in the framework of the sets of the game, means that we must prepare well with suitable footwear and warm-up.


In the case of paddle tennis, precautions must be even greater because due to the characteristics of the game, the impacts are greater than in tennis. It is important to warm up very well and choose the right equipment. This type of sport should be avoided if you suffer from knee, shoulder, or elbow injuries.


Squash is an even faster game, so the impacts will occur more frequently and we must be in very good shape and well prepared to avoid injuries.


Although the most recent studies indicate the benefits of high-impact exercises in the regeneration and strengthening of bone mass, the force that is generated forces us to practice these activities with great caution in order to avoid injuries. Thus, these exercises often cause injuries to the cartilage, knees and ligaments. To avoid this, we must practice warm-ups before doing the exercise, as well as stretching afterwards.

Wearing appropriate footwear also helps minimize the risk of injury. On the market there are many shoes that absorb part of the force generated in impact exercises. It is also advisable to combine these activities with other sports practices that are low impact, for example, swimming.


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