When we talk about losing weight and exercises to burn fat are proposed, cardio is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. Doing cardio on a regular basis not only helps us lose weight and keep obesity and its related problems at bay, but it also facilitates a healthy lifestyle, increases our lung capacity and substantially improves our cardiovascular system.

But we talk about cardio and everyone thinks about running, when there are thousands of different activities that fulfill the same function and that can even be much more beneficial than going out for a run. That is why we bring you the following article about the best cardio exercises to lose weight, so that you have where to choose the one you like the most and that suits your needs.

How to do cardio to lose weight

There are a number of aspects that you should take into account when doing cardio to lose weight. Often the time you dedicate to exercise is not so important but the quality of it, with the advice that we will give you below you can maximize all your work, obtaining much better results in less time.

Work with peaks of intensity

One of the ways to do cardio to lose weight is to include high intensity peaks in your exercise. What does this mean? Well, if, for example, you go out for a run, you shouldn’t do the entire race at the same pace. If you play with the intensity peaks and the breaks you will be able to activate the metabolism much more, making it continue to burn fat even after you have stopped exercising.

It’s not about maxing out, but about increasing the load to 70% to 80% of your maximum capacity, speeding up the pace or training on an incline. This is what we call HIIT training, a very effective method that in recent times is gaining many followers.

Cardio with 30-minute-high intensity intervals

Just like HIIT, these types of routines have been designed to increase the fat-burning capacity of cardio avoiding catabolism, that is, loss of muscle. 30 minutes, if we do high intensity intervals with low intensity intervals can be more than enough to lose weight. In addition, if we accompany them with weight training four days a week, we can even achieve great results by defining the body.

Spinning, cardio exercise to lose weight in the gym

The spinning is one of the exercises fashionables in every gym, and no wonder, because this cardio exercise is one of the best alternatives, we have to lose weight. This exercise is practiced riding a stationary bike, which has different levels of force and tension that can be adjusted depending on the routine you want to carry out. Most of the spinning sessions are given with an instructor who sets the rhythms and intensity intervals to the rhythm of music.

If you want to lose a few pounds and have a defined and slim body, spinning is your option, because in addition to burning fat it also strengthens the buttocks and the muscles of the legs. But there is nothing magical about it, like any other aerobic exercise, the calories you burn will depend on the level of intensity and the time you dedicate to it.

With a 45-minute spinning session you will burn up to 500 calories, a remarkable amount especially when compared to other activities. In addition, you have to count on the acceleration of the metabolism that will allow you to continue burning calories even after you have finished the session.

Power walking, exercise to burn fat

If we talk to you about power walking, you may not know what concept we mean, but this is nothing more than the light walk of a lifetime, one of the best and healthiest exercises to lose weight doing cardio. Walking fast gives you all the benefits of running without some of the problems, such as back pain or impact on the joints.

To lose weight by walking you must add intensity and speed to your walks, it is essential to find that speed in which you feel comfortable but at the same time force your body. Studies that have been carried out recommend a speed between 4.8 and 6.5 km / h in a healthy adult.

Correct technique is essential, in this way you will be able to burn fat much faster. The important thing is to involve the maximum number of muscle groups, so that caloric expenditure is increased. For this you must use the arm balances using weights if you want- to get an extra effort that helps you burn more fat.

The elliptical, the best cardio exercise for weight loss

The elliptical bike has become another of the essentials of gyms, for something it can be said that it is the best cardio exercise to lose weight. Its operation is very simple; It consists of two pedals on which you must walk and two bars to support the hands that are also mobile. The pedaling is circular like that of the bicycle, with the difference that you are standing and your arms make the same movement as that of cross-country skiing.

Anyone can use the elliptical; Unlike the normal bicycle, which can damage your back and knees, or the treadmill, which causes too much impact on the joints, the elliptical is very easy to use with a very low risk of injury.

In addition to losing weight, the elliptical is highly recommended for people who simply want to start a healthy lifestyle, because accompanied by good eating habits, the elliptical can become your greatest ally.

Here we recommend a cardio routine to lose weight in the gym with the elliptical cross trainer especially aimed at beginners:

  • Start the workout with 5 minutes of moderate pace to warm up.
  • Then do 30 seconds of maximum intensity.
  • Recover slowly for 1 minute.
  • Go back to 30 seconds of maximum intensity.
  • Finish with 20 minutes of medium intensity.

With this routine to lose weight you will comply with the 30 minutes a day of exercise that doctors and specialists advise so much, but also, you will lose those extra pounds.


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