Are you one of those who goes for a run to lose weight? If so, you’ve probably wondered more than once: how many calories do you burn running?

 The truth is that there are many parameters that come into play when making this calculation about the caloric expenditure of jogging or jogging, but there are also formulas to calculate an approximate value. For this reason, we want to answer your question about how many calories you burn running.

What factors influence?

First of all, it will be necessary for you to take into account that there are several factors that take importance when it comes to burning calories when exercising or, as is the case, when practicing jogging or running. In this way, the result will vary on the one hand based on f individual actors of the corridor:

  • Weight
  • Physical state
  • Age
  • Body composition

And on the other hand, according to certain aspects of the career such as:

  • Running speed
  • Duration of sports practice
  • Ground

How many calories do I burn running slow?

It should be noted that there are formulas that will help you know with some accuracy the number of calories you burn while running, depending on the speed you maintain. In the case of people who jog or run slowly, it will be necessary to apply:

  • Slow jog(approximately 8 km / h): 0.06 x (person’s weight x 2.2) X total minutes you run = approximately calories burned
  • Slow running(approximately 13 km / h): 0.104 x (person’s weight x 2.2) X total minutes you run = approximately calories burned

In this way, you must first multiply your body weight by 2.2 and then multiply it by the minutes run and a variable value depending on whether it is jogging or running.

How many calories do I burn running fast?

If you run or jog at a faster speed, the formula will vary and the calories burned will increase:

  • Quick jog(approximately 11 km / h): 0.092 x (person’s weight x 2.2) X total minutes running = approximately calories burned
  • Quick run(approximately 16 km / h): 0.129 x (person’s weight x 2.2) X total minutes you run = approximately calories burned

These formulas are applied as we have explained in the previous section, varying only the first value to multiply.

Running as a sport

Although you probably already know it, we want to remind you that when going for a run you must equip yourself appropriately to be able to jog or jog correctly. In this way, you should use good shoes, as well as clothing appropriate to the climate of your geographical area and / or season of the year.


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