Starting an exercise routine and realizing that it is difficult for us to keep up for several consecutive minutes can be, at the very least, demotivating.

However, there is no reason to collapse, because fortunately it is possible to improve our resistance and increase it, making our workouts much more effective over time thanks, in part, to methods such as press therapy.

This will allow us to achieve important goals such as running for a certain time without fatigue, swimming more pools than we thought or doing that aerobics class in full. Keep reading, because in this article we reveal the ideal exercises to improve resistance.

To begin with, what is resistance?

When we talk about physical resistance, we refer to the ability to carry out a specific activity or effort for as long as possible, that is, resisting the effort as much as possible without compromising physical performance.

When exercises are performed to improve endurance, what is sought is to raise our heart rate and achieve, with the passage of time and adequate training, to maintain that high frequency for longer, this will help us not only to improve resistance but also to burn more sugars, fat and calories during training. There are two basic types of resistance in the fitness world:

  • Aerobic endurance: allows us to make a light or moderate effort for an extensive amount of time. It is the type of resistance that is used when we run, do a spinning class or swim.
  • Anaerobic endurance: refers to the ability of a person to make an effort of great intensity in a short period of time. This type of resistance is applied in weight lifting, for example.

Incorporating cardiovascular activity into our routine is one of the best ways to improve endurance, however it is essential to bear in mind that people with heart problems or major chronic diseases, such as diabetes, should always consult their doctor before starting an exercise plan.

On the other hand, if you want to improve endurance for more sporting purposes, in addition to working hard, we recommend trying the SIZEN press therapy machines, which will help you recover so that the next day not only do you not feel tired, but also that you are like new to continue exercising.

High intensity interval bike or elliptical

One of the best options when choosing exercises to improve endurance and, incidentally, burn fat, is to opt for high intensity intervals in which we will take our body to the maximum for a few seconds in order to increase the pulsations to the maximum, then return to a moderate pace and continue training.

This type of exercise should be carried out for more than 10 minutes, being ideal to do them between 20 minutes and half an hour. The stationary bike or the elliptical are excellent machines for practicing high intensity intervals, but you can also use other alternatives such as the treadmill or the rowing machine. The key to training this way is:

  • Start at a moderate pace for 5 minutes.
  • Increase the intensity to the maximum, as much as you are able to give, and hold that rhythm for 1 minute and a half or 2 minutes.
  • Return again at a moderate pace for 4 minutes and continue alternating both intensities until the total stipulated time is reached.
  • At first you can start with 20-minute workouts in which the intense pace lasts 1 minute, as you get more resistance, increase the times.
  • It is good to be clear that the moderate pace is not, under any circumstances, to go with all the calm in the world. The idea is to exercise, not take a walk, so the harder you try, the better the results.

Running long distances at a moderate pace

Running out of air? Do you feel like you can’t spend even 5 minutes doing it? Clearly physical resistance is the aspect that most influences this condition along with adequate breathing. But getting good endurance when running is not something that comes from one day to the next but we must work on it, that is why one of the most indicated exercises to improve resistance if you want to join the world of running is to run long distances at a moderate pace.

The sprints are not for you for now, starts mercadito a goal, for example 3 kilometers, and sees a good cadence that allows you to make a physical effort without exhausting yourself immediately. Week by week, as your physical response improves, add more kilometers to your runs. You will see how in a short time you get a great evolution.

Jump rope, a great option

It sounds easier than it actually is, and although as children we could spend entire afternoons doing it, jumping rope requires significant physical effort, good coordination, adequate breathing and strong joints that withstand the impact. At first you won’t be able to spend a lot of time jumping, but as you incorporate this activity into your exercise routine you will be able to spend more minutes doing it, burning calories to the maximum and enhancing your aerobic endurance.

Climb stairs, even Rocky did

The friend Rocky Balboa became one of the greats at the end of training in which climbing the stairs was part of the routine. Like jumping rope, this activity forces us to breathe properly and to have physical resistance to do it without reaching up with our tongue out.

The idea is to run up the stairs at the speed that your endurance allows, timing the time it takes you to reach the top. As you practice, you should be able to do it faster, and once you perfect your technique, you can even use weights to increase your physical work. This practice is only suitable for people with healthy knees and joints that can withstand impact.

Training circuits

For those with more experience, circuit training is always among the exercises to improve endurance, as they work the cardio and repetitions to help us lose calories and strengthen muscles.

It is simply a matter of establishing a circuit in which very short breaks are made to rest at the beginning, but where later the exercises are managed without pause. The key is to work different muscles so as not to exhaust them. A good circuit can be:

  • 3 minutes of high intensity cardio
  • A series of 15 push-ups
  • A series of 20 sit-ups
  • A series of 15 squats
  • One set of 15 repetitions of exercise for the biceps with barbell curl

Repeat this circuit 4 times preferably without pause. This is just an example; you can add the exercises that stimulate you the most so that it is tailored to you.

Swimming, an infallible classic

Can’t resist a pool? Then you are in luck because swimming has always been an excellent option to improve cardiovascular endurance, activate circulation in our legs and strengthen arms. In fact, it is so effective that at first it will be difficult to make a few pools, but as we practice, we can spend even more than 30 minutes kicking.


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