What is the Body Pump?

The Body Pump is a form of training that was born in New Zealand more than twenty years ago and is now practiced almost all over the world. Its originality consists in that it combines aerobic exercises with those of a weight...

What is the best music to do Zumba?

The buzz has already become one of the favorites all athletes who want to combine exercise with fun practices. This fitness modality, created by Alberto Perez, uses various Latin American rhythms to make the...

What is an ironman

In recent times, there is a proliferation of news of athletes who perform ironman, often linked to solidarity projects, but do you know specifically what an ironman is? The translation of this English word(iron man) already gives us...

What are the best aerobic activities?

The aerobic or cardiovascular activities are those that require oxygen and used fat as main source of fuel, compared to sugar, so they are very suitable for people who wish to lose weight. They must be...

Tips for the first Zumba class

Are you going to do Zumba for the first time? You have to know that it is a very fun type of fitness class where you will burn a lot of calories and have a...

The best stretches after Zumba

Exercising is a healthy habit for anyone. Within these activities, practicing Zumba has become a trend in our country. Fun, musical and easy to do, this activity is a hit with young and old alike. However, to enjoy its benefits,...

Is it good to run if I have varicose veins?

Running is one of the favorite activities both for those who start with a physical training routine and for those who are already experts in the field. And the reasons abound: it is a type...

Is it good to run if I have a cold?

One of the most controversial issues that always opens a great debate among running lovers is whether it is good or bad to run when a person is going through a cold or the...

Is it good to do sports on an empty stomach?

In recent times, in the world of fitness a debate has arisen that has as many followers as detractors. It is about exercising on an empty stomach as a way to burn more fat and...

How fitness step tennis shoes work

Knowing how the fitness step tennis shoes work will allow you to be in a position to decide on the acquisition of these famous shoes. Although they have sometimes been publicized highlighting their power to reduce weight, it is...
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