What are the best exercises to improve circulation?

When we suffer from poor blood circulation, the first effects are noticed in the legs. Thus, we begin to suffer from swelling and tired legs. The poor circulation occurs when the limbs are not able to...

What are the best exercises for the heart?

Playing sports in general improves our health, but there are a series of exercises that are more beneficial for the heart than others. Based on the fact that we have already contacted our doctor if we suffer from a cardiovascular disease. Steps to follow: ...

What are the best exercises for? pregnant women

Both in the case of women who are active and in those who do not exercise regularly, pregnancy is a period in which everyone should do sports. Steps to follow: All those sports that are practiced...

What are low impact exercises

The low impact exercises are those in which at least one of the feet remains in contact with the ground during practice. This means that we do not exert great force when we practice them, so they are highly...

What are high impact exercises

The high impact exercises, by definition, are those that force feet off the ground to perform. By nature, they are the ones that require the greatest strength, since when performing activities such as jumping or running,...

Low intensity exercise routine

The World Health Organization recommends performing at least 150 minutes a week of low or moderate intensity physical activity or 75 minutes of intense physical exercise to reduce the risk of developing pathologies such...

Is it good to exercise at night?

Is it good to exercise at night? For those who work during the day, the only time they find to exercise is when they finish the day. Others find it difficult to activate in the morning...

How much aerobic exercise to do?

Knowing how much aerobic exercise to do will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of this type of activity, which makes intensive use of oxygen and facilitates fat burning. Therefore, aerobic workouts are ideal for people...

Exercises to improve endurance

Starting an exercise routine and realizing that it is difficult for us to keep up for several consecutive minutes can be, at the very least, demotivating. However, there is no reason to collapse, because fortunately it is...

Exercises to improve body balance

There are numerous exercises to improve body balance, an aspect of health that is usually not paid attention until it causes problems in the form of dizziness or even vertigo, circumstances that should always be...
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