Is it good to do cardio on an empty stomach?

You've probably heard that fasting cardio is the best way to burn fat. Those who defend this practice are based on the fact that if you do cardio when you get up and before...

Fasting cardio routine at home – the best option

Exercising on an empty stomach always generates debate, because there are supporters who indicate that it is beneficial for the body because more fat is burned as the body requires energy and having to...

Cardio exercises to do at home

When we think of doing cardio, the first things that come to mind are big bike rides or long hours of running. This, like so many other things, is still a legend and a waste...

Benefits of the cardio box

After the success of Cross Fit, a new sporting modality has arrived at the gyms consisting of an aerobic exercise that combines, in a choreography, boxing and fitness exercises and, all this, without missing background...

Benefits of cardio tone

In a society more sedentary than ever, luckily there are more and more exercises and techniques that appear to help keep our body in optimal condition. When it seemed that the only way, we had...

Beginner cardio routine at the gym

One of the most important health problems affecting the world population today are the weight disorders, i.e., obesity and overweight. 50% of the population is obese and up to 80% is overweight. This is caused by a...
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