In a society more sedentary than ever, luckily there are more and more exercises and techniques that appear to help keep our body in optimal condition.

When it seemed that the only way, we had to do sports was to go for a run or lock ourselves in the gym’s machine room, exercises such as cardio box, body pump, Zumba or cardio tone have been appearing to be active and improve our condition physical.

In the following article we will talk about the latter, explaining what it consists of and what are the benefits of cardio tone for our body and for our health.

Cardio tone: definition

The term cardio tone comes from the union of cardiovascular exercise and toning exercise. Cardio tone, essentially, is a type of training that mixes these two exercises, achieving the benefits of both: with aerobic exercises we will achieve an improvement in our respiratory capacity and cardiovascular health, with toning exercises an improvement in both muscle tone and muscle tone. joint mobility.

Normally this practice is carried out in group classes, with music to set the rhythm. In them, simple movements are made with all kinds of elements such as discs, dumbbells, elastic bands and bars. The good thing about cardio tone is that depending on the physical condition of the person the load is adapted, so novices and people with good physical condition can train at the same time.

Below we will explain all the benefits that you can obtain from the practice of cardio tone.

Ideal for weight loss

If we take into account that in a cardio tone class lasting 50 minutes, we can lose between 500 and 800 calories, we will come to the conclusion that this training is perfect when it comes to losing weight and losing weight. If we also add the fact that we exercise our muscles and tone them, we not only burn fat, but we replace it with muscle that will accelerate our metabolism and help us burn even more fat.

Tone cardio typically includes high intensity spikes, known in the fitness world as HIIT. This means that the whole class is not done in the same rhythm, but that intensity peaks alternate with short breaks, alternately increasing and decreasing the load. With this, it is possible to accelerate the metabolism to the maximum, getting our body to burn much fatter, not only during the time that the exercise lasts, but also in the following hours.

In addition, the fact that the entire cardio tone class is carried out accompanied by music makes the training much more fun; The musical sound helps you keep the rhythm, but at the same time it makes the physical load less heavy, helping us to give the best of ourselves.

Muscle toning

Cardio toning is a very complete exercise in which all the muscle groups of the body are exercised in different ways. By all the movements that are carried out, as well as the specific combinations of groups, a complete toning of the body is achieved. But not only toning is achieved, but the improvement in physical condition is total. The strength, flexibility and muscular endurance are other aspects that are enhanced with cardio exercises tone.

The good thing is that by being able to regulate the load, it can be adapted to the personal objectives of each one. For example, if we want to increase the muscles, we can use more load and more repetitions, we can also choose to define the muscles or simply gain coordination, flexibility and muscular resistance.

Other benefits

In addition to the main benefits of the cardio box that we have just mentioned, this type of training has many other benefits for our body, both physical and mental. Some of them are the following:

  • Increases our body’s ability to oxidize glucose and fat.
  • Define our figure.
  • Corrects back problems such as spinal deviations and improves our body posture.
  • Releases stress and relieves anxiety levels.
  • There are physical improvements in other aspects of our condition such as flexibility, strength or endurance.
  • Maintains or increases bone density.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • It reduces the levels of aggressiveness, anger and depression.


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